1 Roberts Blvd.

Williamston, SC  29697

office- 864-847-5442

fax - 864-847-3504


Library Hours:

7:15-3:30 Monday-Friday


Welcome to our library's homepage!!


While we are missing each other, and we are all in this together with eLearning, I want us to stay connected.  

Notice the new tab at the top of this page, Let's Chat (Eagles and Books).

On this page, we can watch the eagles in Florida and chat about them together, and we can chat about the great books you are reading.  

You can also enjoy viewing many animals on the new page, Animal Webcams.

I miss you and look forward to reading your comments!!



Click on the image below to access our library's catalog and search for books.

Email Ms Payne

Palmetto Elementary School 

1 Roberts Blvd.

Williamston, SC 29697

 Phone: 864.847.5442

Fax: 864.847.3504 

Mrs. Amy Cothran, Principal 

Mrs. Stacey Shaw, Assistant Principal

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